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Henrique Consoni

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Miracle Man Movie

Miracle Man is a biographical drama film based on the true story of Morris E. Goodman, an iron-willed, self-made salesman who suffers paralyzing injuries in a plane crash, and decides to use the secrets of his business success to achieve a full recovery. The film is in development and has not been released yet. The film is written by Morris E. Goodman and Brian Jude, and features Morris E. Goodman as himself.

The film tells the story of how Morris Goodman was a successful insurance salesman who bought himself his own airplane. On March 10, 1981, during his first solo flight in his new craft, the engine stopped, and he crashed the plane, crushing his spine, leaving him unable to walk, talk, swallow, breathe or move any part of his body except for his eyes. His doctors believed he would live a short, meaningless life, if he survived at all. Morris had different plans... What Morris had was his mind, and his faith that one day he would walk out on his own two feet, and make a full recovery, no matter what his doctors told him. Using the same step-by-step, goal-oriented approach he took in his career, Morris began to calculate the steps he needed to make toward recovery. He set a goal to be home by Christmas of that same year. He succeeded before Thanksgiving, just eight months after the accident.

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Morris E. Goodman was one of the speakers featured in The Secret (2006), a documentary film that explores the law of attraction and how it can be used to achieve success and happiness in life. He has also written several books on self-improvement and motivation, such as The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage (2009) and The Answer: Supercharge the Law of Attraction and Find the Secret of True Happiness (2012). He is a motivational speaker and coach who helps people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Miracle Man is a film that aims to inspire and empower people with the message that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and your dreams. The film is expected to be released in 2023.


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