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The BOOTCAMP-iTT is an Aerobic Endurance Program based on triathlon training principles. It takes into consideration the following:

Balance, We balance our strengths and weaknesses to become athletes who train holistically.

Consistency, Weaving together work, family and challenging workouts can be made possible by realistic programming.

Endurance, If you can sustain, you will succeed.

Adaptability, Setting goals is only part of the journey, it is important to respond to our bodies and our lives to prevent burnout or injury.

Recovery, It is the valleys that make the peaks possible and both are essential to real progress.

What Are the Benefits of Correctly Prescribed Aerobic Training?

#1 Enhances transportation of oxygen to working muscles
#2 Increased enzyme availability for muscle endurance
#3 Liberate Free Fatty Acids for fuel (regulates body fat distribution)
#4 Speeds recovery between high-intensity training sessions
#5 Improves cardiovascular health and function

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