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Download Return Of Hanuman Movie 720p

Return of Hanuman Movie Review

Return of Hanuman is a 2007 Indian animated film directed by Anurag Kashyap and produced by Percept Picture Company. It is a sequel to the 2005 film Hanuman and features the Hindu god Hanuman as the protagonist. The film follows the adventures of Hanuman, who takes the form of a human boy to help his friend Minku, who is bullied by a gang of evil asuras. The film also depicts the environmental and social issues faced by India, such as pollution, corruption, poverty, and terrorism.

The film was released on December 28, 2007 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its animation quality, action sequences, and message, while others criticized it for its deviation from the original mythology, lack of humor, and violence. The film was also controversial for its depiction of Hindu gods and goddesses, which some found disrespectful and offensive. The film was banned in some states of India, such as Gujarat and Rajasthan, for hurting religious sentiments.

Download Zip:

The film is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar , where you can watch it in Hindi with English subtitles. You can also download the film in 480p, 720p, or 1080p quality from various websites, but be careful of the legal and ethical implications of piracy.

If you are a fan of Hanuman and Indian mythology, you might enjoy this film for its action-packed and adventurous story. However, if you are looking for a faithful adaptation of the epic Ramayana, you might be disappointed by this film's creative liberties and modern twists.


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